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Our Fish Love Enriched Air-Nitrox !!

We had a problem with our aquarium. With the
heat, and reduced filter capacity, our fish were
fatigued, worn out, and ready to give it up !!

Well, we figured if Enriched Air-Nitrox is good
for people, the fish should benefit from it, too !

We had always noticed that more fish were
attracted to the bubbles of EAN-Nitrox divers
than the bubbles from divers using regular air
and wondered if the fish preferred EAN-Nitrox.


Now, with Enriched Air-Nitrox, our fish are happy !!
They have more energy, feel refreshed, and their bottom
time is better than ever before. The risks of excess nitrogen
have been greatly reduced, and the difference is noticeable !!

Isn't it time that you started using EAN-Nitrox ?
If it is good for the fish, just think of how good
it is for you. Come in and get all the information.


Experience the benefits of Enriched Air
for safer diving !!

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